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Briley Woodworks                                            
2109 B, Jefferson Street              
Lafayette, Louisiana 70501

Contact:  Pete 

Email:  pete@brileywoodworks.com

Phone:  337 504-5421



Business hours:

Our business hours are 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m Monday through Friday.



Occasionally the shop will be closed for a short period of time, during a visit to a clients home or while supplies are being purchased.  It's always safer to call prior to a visit, but these are rare ocassions.



About Us

Briley Woodworks was established in 2011 as a general woodworking\millwork facility to offer a choice to  the smaller contractor or private customer.  With a genuine "no job is too small" attitude, we give every job the same precise attention and dedication.

 Pete has nearly 30 years experience and is capable of approaching any job from multiple perspectives.  Not all custom moulding jobs require custom knives.  And while we have machines to do the heavy lifting, sometimes hand  tools still can produce the best looking product in a shorter period of time.  Pete has extensive experience in both hand tool methods and machine methods.





Shop Phone: 337-504-5421

Cell:  337-257-4057

Email: pete@brileywoodworks.com