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Our business hours are 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m Monday through Friday.



Occasionally the shop will be closed for a short period of time, during a visit to a clients home or while supplies are being purchased.  It's always safer to call prior to a visit, but these are rare ocassions.



Furniture Repair & Restoration

The finish on your furniture serves two distinct functions!

1.  It enhances the beauty of the wood

2.  It protects the wood from environmental changes.  Even those that occur inside the home.

Shows such as the Antique Roadshow have cultivated a myth amongst the general public that refinishing furniture is "BAD".  While it is true, that if Thomas Jefferson or George Washington was a previous owner of your antique, or if is an original Thomas Sheraton piece, that everything should be done to salvage the original finish.  It is also true, that the finish is there to protect the piece of furniture.  If the finish is in poor condition, it is unable to serve this function.  This applies to very few pieces of furniture or antiques that exist.  One reason being, that those that were not refinished, no longer exist, they were allowed to deteriorate to nothing.  

In 99% of all cases, it is far more important that the finish be maintained in good condition.  Several things can be done to mitigate any damage that might be caused by the repair or refinishing process.  The first and largest in priority, is to make repairs reversable.  If this is done, then future repairs are far more easy, and if a better method of repair is ever discovered, it's just a matter of removing what has been done, and improving the technique.  That being said, antique's that require this level of attention are rare.

The value of a given piece is more a function of three variables:  Quality, sentimental value and antique or real value.  While some people impart a very high value to furniture that may not be of the highest quality, nor did it cost a lot, they do so for sentimental reasons and it therefore is worth it to them to spend a good amount keeping the furniture in good repair for future generations to partake in the sentiment.  Others may purchase a rather expensive piece, but because it lacks any real attachment to them, it lacks reason to spend much keeping it in repair.  They would prefer purchase a new piece and do away with the old.  These three variables are usually a subject of much consideration and discussion whenever considering the repair and\or refinishing of a piece of furniture. 

Small or large, Briley Woodworks is equipped and trained to repair your furniture and bring the finish back to a level that offers real protection to your furniture.  We are well equipped to deal with any structural problems.  We also are ready to deal with any issues in the finish on your piece.  Moving damage, wear and tear, it's important that the finish of your furniture be maintained for it to properly do its job.