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Briley Woodworks                                            
2109 B, Jefferson Street              
Lafayette, Louisiana 70501

Contact:  Pete 

Email:  pete@brileywoodworks.com

Phone:  337 504-5421



Business hours:

Our business hours are 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m Monday through Friday.



Occasionally the shop will be closed for a short period of time, during a visit to a clients home or while supplies are being purchased.  It's always safer to call prior to a visit, but these are rare ocassions.



Bush Hog Mowing

Briley's offers Bush Hog mowing in the Acadiana region.  Within reason, no job is too small, or too large. 

I work  with well maintained equipment, and arrive at my customers job, prepared to begin work.  Blades sharpened, tractor full of fuel, and ready to work.

Please call me the next time your lot or acreage need mowing, and give me the opportunity to help keep  you land in a presentable clean condition.

Currently I use a John Deere 2555 with a 7 foot John Deere 709 Cutter.  Plenty of HP for tall thick grass.

Please call, and find out that maintaining your acreage in condition, is not as expensive as you might think.