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Briley Woodworks                                            
2109 B, Jefferson Street              
Lafayette, Louisiana 70501

Contact:  Pete 

Email:  pete@brileywoodworks.com

Phone:  337 257-4057



Business hours:

Our business hours are 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m Monday through Friday.



Occasionally the shop will be closed for a short period of time, during a visit to a clients home or while supplies are being purchased.  It's always safer to call prior to a visit, but these are rare ocassions.



Welcome to Briley Woodworks.

Briley Woodworks is a company dedicated to offering a wide range of woodworking and millwork services.

Update:  Briley Woodworks is no longer taking on any new work at this time.  We appreciate your interest.

Furniture Repair and Restoration Services


Wood Products:  Do you make a product or provide a service that requires a wood component?  We are set up to run duplicates in small or large quantities, in any number of domestic or imported wood species.

Custom Furniture:  Have you been looking for a unique piece of furniture, or you've found one but the dimensions are not right for your specific location?  We would love to work with you on a design to fit your needs.  Or if  you are tired of the particle board imports, and would like to own a piece that will last a lifetime, let us help by taking the design you have in mind and transforming it into a piece that you can display in your home with pride.

At Briley Woodworks we utilize both modern machines for the "heavy work" and hand tools to make the joints and pieces fit precisely.  While furniture produced by machinery alone can be made to serve the function, in the process we find it restricts the designs to specific profiles.  Utilizing hand tools imparts a "hand made" look and feel to a piece that just cannot be replicated by machinery alone.

Please feel free to stop by and introduce yourself.  We are a small shop and open to working on your project with a dedication that is often lost in larger shops.

About Us

Pete has 30 years experience in the woodworking and millwork trades.  In his 20's he apprenticed under a well known local craftsman, ultimately opening his own shop in 1983.  Demand for his work led to residential interior and commercial interior work for bars and Dr's offices, and even a local judge.  Enjoying the shop time over the "on site" environment, he purchased an older 4 head moulder and self taught himself the millwork trade.  Ultimately this grew to a five man shop consistently producing over 1,250,000 linear feet of custom moulding per year.


Pete moved to Lafayette in 1996 and has once again moved to the shop to offer woodworking and millwork services that have been his passion since 1983.